Tax Services


We offer fully integrated tax services covering all aspects of business taxation to enable clients to accurately and completely manage their taxation as specified by law, and help reduce the workload of operations and in preparing related documents. We represent clients to prepare and submit taxation documents to the Revenue Department on monthly and annual basis.

  1. VAT
    • Prepare reports of purchasing and selling taxes
    • Prepare and file value added tax forms (P.P. 30, P.P. 36)
  2. Withholding tax
    • Prepare and file withholding personal income tax form (P.N.D. 3)
    • Prepare and file withholding corporate income tax form (P.N.D. 53)
    • Prepare and file withholding employee income tax form (P.N.D. 1)
  3. Specific business tax
  4. Half-year personal income tax (P.N.D. 94) and annual personal income tax (P.N.D. 90, 91)
  5. Prepare and file half-year corporate income tax estimate (P.N.D. 51)
  6. Prepare and file annual corporate income tax form (P.N.D. 50)
  7. Prepare and file annual payroll report (P.N.D. 1 Kor)